Horror For Good

Horror For Good
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Dark Recesses 13

Dark Recesses Press
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Tattered Souls II

Tattered Souls II
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Horror Library volume 4 Horror Library Vol. 2 Horror Library Vol. 2 Horror Library Vol. 1
Butcher Shop Quartet Vol. 1 Tattered Souls Butcher Shop Quarter vol 2  




The last issue of Dark Recesses Press is available for free download.

Cutting Block Press is pleased to announce that it is the official publisher of the Horror For Good charitable anthology, edited by Mark C. Scioneaux, R.J. Cavender and Robert S. Wilson. (More)

R.J. Cavender is the Resident Horror Specialist at The Editorial Department, publishing's oldest full-service freelance editorial firm. He is available for manuscript annotation, evaluations, consultations, and concept development on all things horror, mystery, and suspense.

R.J. Cavender will also be taking pitch sessions at WHC2012 in Salt Lake City.

KillerCon 4

Stoker Weekend 2013

Kindle Announcement:
Horror Library 4 and Tattered Souls 2 are now available

Tattered Souls 2 is now an official HWA 2011 Bram Stoker Finalist in the Outstanding Achievement in Anthology category.
WHC Austin

World Horror Convention 2011 Austin Success!

Boyd and RJ at Stokers\

Cutting Block Press attended the Bram Stoker Weekend in Long Island, NY in Mid-June 2011, and we had a great time! Congratulations to all the winners of Bram Stoker Awards, listed here: (More)